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Scanning without ink cartridges ?


I have a Pixie PM 500 that stopped printing color, so I planned to use it for scanning only. ( I made several attempts to unclog the jets in the apartheid to get color and to no avail.)


I find that I can't scan because the unit recognizes the empty color cartridges and halts any attempt to scan either through my PC or via the Mp500 'face.' Smiley Sad


I recently purchased the MX430 to print color documents and in the setup I had to install the ink cartridges before the unit would allow software installation.


How to scan w/o ink cartridges for my PM 500  and will the MAX 430 require ink cartridges for scanning and faxing ?



For the past 5+ years all All-In-One (AIO) machines put out by Canon and the other companies (HP, Epson, etc) require there to be ink cartridges in the machine and also no empty cartridges. There are no workarounds.


The Canon MP500 first came out in July or August of 2005 and was replaced in Canon's lineup by the MP600 In quarter two of 2007. Therefore, I assume you got the unit at the latest in 2007 and it is now the end of 2012. That is five years at the least, which is a good lifespan to get out of a consumer AIO. You got at least the life out of your MP500 at the very least.