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Scanner head in Canoscan LiDE 220 is jammed

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I bought a Canoscan LiDE 220 back in January of 2018. It's worked great for two and a half years, but a few days ago I noticed a vertical black line appearing in my scans. I looked up the problem and read that I might need to remove the glass and clean the scanning strip to get rid of the line. I did so, but upon reassembling it the scanner head kept getting jammed. If I manually move the scanner head down it's able to return to the top, but it can't move down by itself without jamming and making a lot of noise. I've tried looking up other tutorials on how to fix this but can't seem to find anything.


I think there might be an issue with the scanning strip but I have no idea how to fix it or what could be wrong. If needed I can provide pictures or a video. Also, this is definitely a hardware issue, not a software one; the software was working just fine and the scanner only messed up after I fiddled with it.


Thank you!



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Time for repair (Send to Canon) or time for a new scanner.


Plain and simple.



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Unfortunately, it seems as though Canon has discontinued support for my model of scanner (Canoscan LiDE 220). I tried calling and emailing and both led to a dead end. So Canon isn't of any help here.