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My Image Garden Frozen


Installed My Image Garden on new Dell computer running Windows 10 after setting up printer. I can't use it because of the following. When I open the software a message pops up: Automatic file downloads, Canon My Image Garden is downloading from Photos. I have let the download go on for as long as over 1 hour and then stopped it per the on screen instructions. After that the software is frozen and I have to close it with Task Manager.



Note the printer is PIXMA MX 920/922.



Are you using any of the following?


External hard drive

Cloud based photo storage (example Box, DropBox, Google Drive)


It sounds like My Image garden could be searching for photos and is timing out.  Just a guess?

Bay Area - CA

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Many thanks for your suggestions. I do have photos on an external hard drive as well as on the computer's hard drive.

I am puzzled by what is happening. I did not have this problem when I installed My Image Garden in 2016 on my previous Dell PC.

My Image Garden would keep goingfor hours  if I let it run. I don't want it to download any photos. I want to use it in connection with scans, so I can convert them easily to PDFs, especially a scan of multiple pags.