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Do Better CanonUSA


As a Canon Professional Photographer for 10+ years, an avid Canon Consumer in general, the way CanonUSA handles and processes orders is an utter joke. The customer service reps I've ALWAYS dealt with are top-notch and friendly. But they can only do so much with the tools they're given, the purchasing/shipping logistics they are working with.

On Monday I called and spoke to a customer service rep who verified two bodies I was interested in were in stock. I proceeded to place the order. Paid for Expedited (2-day) shipping, and yes, I'm aware that's 2 days from when the order is processed and shipped out. 

I called for an update this morning and I'm told my order is still in review status? You have the item in stock, you've taken the funds from my account, it takes 2-3 full business days to "review" an order? In the day and age of Amazon and other vendors who offer blazing fast turn-around time the expectations have changed. I'm ok with the additional 2-3 days of processing time if ordering directly from Canon. You're guaranteed the product you're getting is genuine, it's packaged carefully, etc. But I'm afraid as in many past experiences, it will still be some time before my items ship.

And for these reasons, purchasing directly from manufacturers is going the way of the dinosaur.




Not a good situation, I'm sure. Problem around here with local businesses is a shortage of help. Getting an order in local restaurants takes twice as long as before Covid.

Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG


Different business, same problems:

I contacted Rubbermaid Customer Service via email in September 2021 about getting two replacement trash can lids. Was given the price, then to provide shipping address, then told I'd be asked for billing info. Didn't hear anymore from them. Asked again . No response.  I gave up.

All of a sudden, last week (SIX MONTHS later) got an email apologizing for the delay, falling behind because of Covid, etc etc. They sent me the lids at no charge.

Maybe Canon will send your camera bodies for free by way of apology. 🙂

Haha, as much as I'd like that, unfortunately I think I'd end up losing more income if it did take 6 months.