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Choose the "canon eos 6D" to make movies, in my opnion a great success.

New Contributor

Hi all, with this video, you are going to see the potential of the new Canon EOS 6D. 
Important: The images have not been manipulated in post-production, so this is the natural quality of the images from the Canon EOS 6D.

Best regards.



Occasional Contributor

good video - on the other hand I don't understand why you want us to contact you....


surely if you are looking for customers you are in the wrong place....

1st, the video shows images of the 6D action, and its performance without postoperative manipulated images. 2, is named the place where it was recorded. 3, there is no advertising on the video.
If you are interested, I can tell you I have used lenses and picture style settings.
Thanks for your opinion, I'm glad you liked the video.

Frequent Contributor
I liked the video. I have a 6D and hope to create videos half this good. What lenses did you use? Did you use a steadycam device?

Occasional Contributor
What a video clarity canon has it.