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shoulder and hand strap? is it possible?

i just bought a new camera recently and i saw that there is a hand strap for cameras. is there a way to have both shoulder and hand strap? or do i have to pick one or the other? because i notice the hand strap also use the silver insert on the top right of the camera where you loop in the strap. i just want double drop protection because i am scared to lose grip of the camera.

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Re: shoulder and hand strap? is it possible?

Some Canon hand starps come with a metal link that you can thread a shoulder strap through.




You could also just thread the shoulder strap between the two pieces of hand starp up near the camera lug.

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Re: shoulder and hand strap? is it possible?

I use a Black Rapid "sling" type strap -- these attach to the tripod bolt socket on the base of the camera.


Often times the hand strap eithe requires (a) a battery grip (which has another strap connection point) or (b) a plate that attaches to the tripod bolt that has an attachment point for the hand-strap.  But you can get accessories that allow both (shoulder or sling-type strap + hand-strap at the same time.)



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Re: shoulder and hand strap? is it possible?

It is possible to use the Canon hand strap and the shoulder strap but it is a tight operation to install it.

I used that combo for a year or two and never really like it.  The two do not work well with each other.  I recommend and either/or situation.


The Black Rapid strap is a great choice and they have several designs.  Plus there are some other companies that offer more selections.  All better than the hand/shoulder strap combo.


What camera?  Some cameras can't use a hand strap unless a battery grip is added.

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