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saving photos for keeps

Once I have completed retouching, I save two versions of each image - CR2 and tif.

What would I lose, if anything in saving Jpeg 2000 lossless instead of the tif files.

The jpeg 2000 are sooooo much smaller.


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Re: saving photos for keeps

You lose whatever information that the JPEG feels is not observable.


I used to have a program - It might have been ImageFX for the Amiga! - that would compress the file under varying levels of JPEG quality and report the bit-to-bit difference to the original on a graph.

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Re: saving photos for keeps

Jpeg 2000 (jp2)  unlike jpg, loses no image pixel info at all.  It is a lossless compression (just as zip is for other file types).


I too had the Amga graphics program.  Nice to know we are not all dead.  Wonderful days to be computing.

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Re: saving photos for keeps

The best and probably to most used by pros is an unaltered cr2 and a LR or ACR version with edits associated. I.E. a cr2 with its xmp tag and/or LR with its catalog.  While I was working full time I stored photos in three places.  Now that I have retired but still doing some work I only store them in two places.


Personally I rarely ever, to never, use or used tiff or any jpg version for long term saving in mind.

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