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Tripod mount size

Hello all,


I manage the work lab in a college newsroom and I am missing the mount plates for all 5 Canon Deluxe tripods and I can't find any specifications on them in order to find a replacement. Would anyone here know what type of plate I need to order? I think they are 41mm x 41mm? Is that useful?


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Re: Tripod mount size

Are theyn they 300 or 200 models? If so it looks like its a proprietary plate. I checked B&H on line and they don't sell the plates as an accessory.


You could try calling canon at 1-800-OK-CANON.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Re: Tripod mount size

Canon has a “parts” department which is not the same as their “store” nor their “support”.  I learned this because I have an astrophotography camera (60Da) which came with a very special cable that converted Canon’s intervalometer so that it can be used on cameras that use the remote shutter release that looks like a stereo headphone jack.


Clearly Canon made the thing... but you couldn’t buy it anywhere.  Turns out you can get it via their “parts” department.


I do not have the phone number... but my guess is if you can reach them, then you can order the replacement plates.






If you influence future purchases... then look for gear that uses “arca-swiss” style dovetail rails and saddles.  Arca-Swiss is technically a brand name... but their saddle & rails have become THE standard in the industry.  You can buy gear from Really Right Stuff, Gitzo, Manfrotto, Induro, Benro, etc. etc.  and they all support the standard.  I have a variety of heads (tripods can be purchased as just leg assemblies that don’t have a “head” ... instead they have the industry-standard 3/8”-16 mounting stud to let you pick and attach any head (from any brand).  I have lots of heads... video (pan/tilt), ball-heads (in various sizes), a gimbal head, macro-focusing rail, ... even my Black Rapid camera strap has been fitted with an Arcatech clamp that lets me use arca-swiss plates.  


The other nice thing about the plates is that they are “rails” and they come in various lengths so you can always get a rail that lets you find balance.  If you’re doing panoramic shots, you want to slide the camera back to find the lens’ “nodal point” and that ... requires a rail (not possible with a standard QR plate).


I would nudge you in the direction of the industry standard and you’ll be happier for it.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da
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