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Replacing the AE-1

Forgive me for being behind the times. I have an old AE-1 with several lenses. I was wondering if I can replace the bodies I have with a digital camera while still being able to use my old lenses? If so which digital camera will work? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Replacing the AE-1

Not a good plan. The new cameras have AUTO FOCUS but your lenses don't. Are you willing to give up most of the advantages of your upgrade? Not much different than asking if your old fashoned portable phone will work as a smart phone & have all it's features.

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Re: Replacing the AE-1

Inspite of what you might read, FD lenses do not work on a new DSLR.  You need to look at one of the Rebel kits.  There are several to choose from.

The least expensive one will blow your AE1 out of the water.  And the higher end kits get even better.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Replacing the AE-1

I also have an AE-1 (still works great even though I no longer use it) and some FD lenses.


Those FD lenses are best left in the past.  I don't recommend using them on a new EOS body.


The EOS (Electro-Optical System) is completely electronic.  The FD lenses were completely mechanical.  There are adapters and conversions possible for some specific lenses which remove the mechanical levers that used to engage the body and let you adapt the mount type so that it is possible to attach the lens.  The lens is then completely manual (no auto-focus ... and you really WANT auto-focus to work because there is no longer a split-prism focus assist aid in a new digital camera.)  The aperture is also completely manual.


But the image quality of those old lenses isn't as good as modern lenses which have optics designed with computer assistance.


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