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I'm off!

Leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks in Europe; Switzerland, Italy, France and Barcelona, Spain.  Slightly uncomfortable on that last one now, given recent news, but logically it will be ok.


Taking my new-ish Think Tank pack with my final lens selection:  16-35 f/2.8, 35mm f/1.4 and 70-200 f/2.8.  Also taking my teeny tiny 5-inch tall tripod and enough SD cards to take thousands of shots.  Have 3 different padlocks on the backpack. Also have my Cotton Carrier Strapshot to hold the camera on the front of my backpack strap. 


More important than gear, I have been reading and practicing with the wide angle lens. 


More important than all that, we have lots of fun stuff planned with the family, and lots of good food and wine to sample.   Wish me luck!





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Re: I'm off!

Have a GREAT trip.

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Re: I'm off!

Sounds good! Enjoy yourselves and get some great shots!

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Re: I'm off!

Have a good trip, and get home safely.


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Re: I'm off!

So exciting...............Smiley Very Happy

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Re: I'm off!

Have fun!  I'm just returning from my road trip out to Wyoming to view and capture the eclipse (more to share later once I process the images.)


As for the practicing... that's a great idea.  Sometimes I'll take a lens I think of as awkward to use... out to a location and leave all other lenses behind to force myself to get creative with that lens.  I also feel I need practice learning to use wide angle lenses effectively.  


Tim Campbell
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Re: I'm off!

Great! Wish you have a good trip and take many good pictures.Smiley Happy

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