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Exif reading software or a way to add non std "tag" column to Windows explorer view


Windows 7

In Windows explorer it is possible, when using the "details" view of the contents of a folder containing photographs, to add, via "choose details", columns of information which are taken from, presumably, the exif data of the photographs, e.g. f-stop, focal length, camera model etc. I have seen these referred to as "tags"

It would be useful to me if I could, in such a layout, display the serial number of the camera taking the shot and, pressing my luck, the serial number of the lens. Unfortunately the option to display these"tags" does not seem to be offered amongst the normally available choices in windows exploroer.

Does anyone know how to add new "tag" columns to those normally available in a window folder and how would I tell windows what "tag" to display or where in the exif to find it/the information?

Alternatively does anyone know of a freebie exif reader that can display this information en masse for all the photos in a folder?

I know they can generally display it for each photograph but of those I have looked at this is singlely on a photo by photo basis and that is not practical.



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Re: Exif reading software or a way to add non std "tag" column to Windows explorer view

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Picture Information Extractor free version

When looking at the exif of a photo right click on the tag name and tick " add to "my tags"".

Check to see it has been added to the contents of the my tags tab (RH end of the EXIF, IPTC etc. tabs), if it has then go to metadata list view, via the metadata list icon in one of the upper toolbars. Right click on a column header and click "more".

A drop down menu appears, scroll through that menu to find the tag and tick it.


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