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Re: Deleting an object in the background?

You can get PS and LR separately, but IMO, you just cannot beat the combo "Photography Package" for the aforementioned 10 USD per month.


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Re: Deleting an object in the background?

"EB, are PS and LR separate or as a package?"


I do not think they are offered separately. However, you can still find CS6 for purchase. It will get no updates or new camera model support. But other than that it is essentially the full blown PS. It will not have LR but it does come with Bridge. Bridge does exactly the same functions as LR.


The newest versions of PS do nothing more than what can be done in CS6 but they do streamline it more.


If you can only have one or the other you want PS with Bridge.

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Re: Deleting an object in the background?

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I have emailed the president of a local photography club. They will be having a virtual meeting 5/20. In-person meeting are getting close. I'm joining and stated I would like to contact someone who is well-versed in PS and any recommendations by that person/persons.

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