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Any non geeks using a Smart phone as a viewfinder for a 6D?

I am considering a 6D as a back up for my 1DS-mk3. I would like to use it for night photographjy and control it remotly in a warm vehicle. I know nothing about smart phones or setting up a link. I read the Canon blurbs but it is nto clear to me. 


I am pretty sure I could get the link working, the real question is if it would suit teh purpose.


1. How clear is the viewscreen for focusing? My 1DS-mk3 is inadequte even at 10X. 


2. Can I use live view focus remotly? This is more accurate I hear than live view or AF.


3. What battery life could I expect in 20-30 degree weather.


4. What level of smart phone is required, or as an option some other device, I don't really need a smart phone. I just need a large high res view screen that remotly controls the camera.


5. What range could I expect with clear line of sight outdoors?

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Re: Any non geeks using a Smart phone as a viewfinder for a 6D?



The LCD on the EOS-1Ds Mark III had a resolution of only 230,000 dots, whereas the EOS 6D's LCD has a resolution of 1,040,000 dots.  The image should appear more clearly on the EOS 6D.


The new EOS Remote app allows you to view the camera's live view image on a smartphone.  The camera's settings can be changes and the shutter can be released using the EOS Remote app.


We cannot speculate what sort of battery life you will get when shooting in such low temperatures, but it will be less than it would be in warmer temperatures.


The EOS Remote app should be available in the app stores for Android and Apple's iOS.  This means that most Android and Apple smartphones and tablets should be able to connect to the EOS 6D using this app.


At the absolute best, the transmission range is approximately 30m/98.4 ft.  This is assuming there are no obstructions between the transmitting and receiving antennas, there is no radio interference and the device uses a high-performance antenna.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Re: Any non geeks using a Smart phone as a viewfinder for a 6D?

Thanks. That means I could get an Android tablet and use it as expected. Probably taking along spare batteries. My 1DS-mk3 seems bullet proof in such environment, but my 50D had very short battery life in the same situation. 

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