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when slowly panning , objects or areas with high contrast , flicker / shake

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I purchased a canon 5d mark3 to use mostly as a video camera. I'm experiencing a very frustrating issue (I'm explaining it in more detail below).

I've been in contact with canon repair facility and tech support  for the past 2 months (since I first purchased the camera. I sent the camera for repair already twice and both times I got the camera back after supposedly been “fixed” but the exact same issue is still there… I’m already frustrated and confused about this…  I haven't had an answer or a solution as today.

I'm wondering if anybody else is having a similar issue. I did find some people online complaining of a similar problem but most of those pages are a year old or so. 

I have been also researching and looking to all kinds of videos (specially at vimeo) where the 5d mark3 it's been used and even in more extreme and faster panning I don't see the same issue I'm experiencing.

Some technicians at canon think it may be an issue with the lens ( 24 - 105 canon lens that comes with the camera).

I did run all kinds of tests etc (even at B&H where I purchased it) with no luck .



Here is a more detail description of the issue:


The problem is that (even with a fluid head tripod) when slowly panning , objects or areas with high contrast , flicker / shake (most noticeable on white objects with daylight over a dark surface). This happens at 24 and 30 fps (not at 60fps) The technician on the phone mentioned that I should use higher shutter speeds (I was using 1/50 for 24fps and 1/60 for 30fps) I did try it with several shutter speeds all the way up to 4000 and the issue is even more noticeable. I tried with and without IS with the same result. I actually probably I already tested all the different settings always with the same results.

I will appreciate any ideas or knowledge on this issue …also I would like to hear from other users with the same problem…


Here I uploaded a few examples:




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Re: when slowly panning , objects or areas with high contrast , flicker / shake

Ok so really? nobody has nothing to say about it? why? nobody can see the issue? nobody cares? or is just uncomfortable?any canon tech reading the forums?
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Re: when slowly panning , objects or areas with high contrast , flicker / shake


I think I have a similar problem.

Did you find the solution?


My post is here.

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