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quick control screen

A problem about 60d: the quick control screen doesn't show up during shooting when I press the quick control button.

I can see it during photography mode but not with the shooting mode.

What could be the problem? Any suggestion or setting I can use to fix the problem?
Thank you

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Re: quick control screen

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Not sure I understand...


What's the difference between the photography mode and the shooting mode? Those sound the same to me.


I suspect you are refering to shooting mode and camera setup mode. If that's right, well the rear LCD screen in shooting mode is normally blank (blacked out), or used for image playback, histogram display, etc. The Q button is part of the camera setup, a shortcut to many of the camera settings in fact, so would make sense to me that it only works in setup mode.


I wouldn't want the Q screen displaying while I was shooting. In fact I don't want anything displaying on the LCD, because it's right below my eye when I'm looking through the viewfinder. And, on my 7Ds (which I believe are pretty similar to 60D), even when I'm shooting, as soon as I press the Q button it takes me directly into setup mode and displays the Q screen.


Or... Are you refering to switching to the Q screen while the camera is in Live View (or video) mode? I can't see how it would be possible or even desirable to switch to the Q screen while in Live View/video. You'd have to stop shooting (and Live View is similar to continuous shooting) before you can make many changes that might be accessed via the Q screen. You still can focus (tho maybe manually), of course, and it's still possible to change the aperture or shutter speed without using the Q screen.


If the Q button doesn't work this way on your 60D, I'm really not sure why. My 7Ds have a number of programmable buttons (not sure if the 60D has the same). But the Q button is not one of them.


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Re: quick control screen

Now it's more clear to me. I think I got confused watching some tutorial and instruction about it.

Thank you so much!


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