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manual focus lens for 70D

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just purchased a 70D. one of the features that i like about this model is the auto focus on video mode. i was wondering, if i buy a manual only lens woudn't that make the AF feature on the camera useless? i bought the camera mainly for video.  Thanks.

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Re: manual focus lens for 70D

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You need a lens that contains the autofocus motor/mechinism to use the autofocus features. Not only that but it must be compatable with the 70D if you want to make full use of the dual pixel system.

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Re: manual focus lens for 70D

I think that's fairly self-explanatory.... a manual focus lens can only be focused manually, no matter what camera it's attached to.


Since you bought the 70D mainly for video, if you want auto focus you probably should take a close look at Canon's "STM" lenses. Those use  a "Stepper Motor" focus drive that's very quiet and smooth, developed especially with videography in mind.


OTOH, many videographers use manual focus lenses too... so that remains a possibility too.


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