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kEdsSaveTo_Host,but it dosn't work!

Hello,everyone,i use eos sdk(3.6) ,i want save picture to my pc when i take picture,but i can't find any picture in my pc.below is my code,please give me advice ,thank you so much!


-----------C++ code



EdsInt32 SaveTarget = kEdsSaveTo_Host;

edsErr = EdsSetPropertyData(camera, kEdsPropID_SaveTo, 0, sizeof(SaveTarget), &SaveTarget);
EdsCapacity cappppp = { 0x7FFFFFFF, 0x1000, 1 };

edsErr = EdsSetCapacity(camera, cappppp);

EdsStreamRef stream = NULL;
std::string str_path = "D:\\1.jpg";
const char* ch_dest = str_path.c_str();
edsErr=EdsCreateFileStream(ch_dest, kEdsFileCreateDisposition_CreateAlways, kEdsAccess_ReadWrite, &stream);

edsErr = EdsSendCommand(camera, kEdsCameraCommand_TakePicture, 0);





so cute is that there is no error at above codes !

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Re: kEdsSaveTo_Host,but it dosn't work!

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