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I do I prevent condensation on optics in Florida and othe humid locations?

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Re: condensation

While humidity and condensation basically result in the same thing wetness, it might be helpful to carry a large zip lock bag for your gear.


Conedensation can result from temperature variation.  Keep your gear in the ziplock bag until it is the same temp as the environment where it will be used.


Humidity.  No much you can do about that.  Weather seald body, higher end lenses.  Lens cover.  Don't go cheap.  Avoid changing lens' as this can put moisture inside your body. 


I also use an EasyCover.  Have not had any issues with dirt, moisture or internal heat retention. Also protects against bumps. 








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Re: condensation

Thank you for you promp reply.

I will be known in future as "mr zippy", haha.

thanks once again

Kudos to you.

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Re: condensation

Unless it is actually raining/snowing, etc, I don't do and have never done anything extra. One thing you don't want to do is make it more difficult to get the shot in an already difficult place.  I don't like and don't use any of those aftermarket covers either. I also don't recommend anyone use them either. Higher end gear is best if you think you will be shooting in conditions like that a lot of the time.


I did try and use some of those camo covers for super teles but I never saw an improvement or any help.  I am not sure wildlife appreciates all the efforts we go through.


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