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Re: X type spots, on the sensor?

@emipuscas wrote:

Hi. The ISO of the affected shots varries between 1000 and 5000, but the problem is the same.

The answer that I accepted as sollution said that that is a center pixel, but in jpg conversion it tryes to solve it out, and as a result I have the X marks on the photo.

I will get the sensor cleaned, for some other dirt spots, and will keep solving these in post, until I get another camera.

I have another identical 6D, a rather younger sibling, and that one has no such issues Smiley Happy - this is my backup camera.


Thank you, and thank all for the help.

Easy to check in RawTherapee. Just open the raw file in RawTherapee and choose None as demosaicing method. Or just upload the raw file...

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Re: X type spots, on the sensor?

They do look like hot pixels. The reason they look like an X is the extreme blow up you are viewing it from. Try this.

Step 1 - Remove the lens from your Canon camera
Step 2 - Put on the camera cap (do not leave your camera open).
Step 3 - Turn your camera on. Go to the menu and select "Sensor cleaning".
Step 4 - Turn the dial to select "Clean manually".
Step 5 - Select "OK" and then press the "Set" button. The mirror will lock up and the shutter will open. Allow the shutter to remain open for at least 30 seconds. As long as 60 seconds is OK.
Step 6 - Turn your camera off and reattach the lens. Take a test shot.

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