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Would the EOS-R be a good camera for macro photography?

With over 5k focus points it seems like this would be a decent choice for macro photography.

I'm currently using an old APS-C camera and thought about moving to the 80D to keep my EF-S lenses and the extra reach the crop factor adds for macro.

Then I thought about making the jump to Full Frame with the 6D mark ii. I'd lose the reach but gain in low light situations. But then I'd have to drop my EF-S lenses.

But now I'm looking at the EOS-R which looks to be great in low light, quick focusing, and a crazy amount of focus points which seems like it would be beneficial for macro photography. And I could keep my EF-S lenses.

I'm currently using the EF 100mm f/2.8L macro on an old Rebel t1i.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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Re: Would the EOS-R be a good camera for macro photography?

It should work really well, one would hope that a Macro lens with 3 axis IS will be availble for the R system.

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Re: Would the EOS-R be a good camera for macro photography?

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I wouldn't jump ... yet!  But mirrorless seems to be the future of photography. To me it just isn't there ... yet. There isn't a true macro lens for EOS-R ... yet, either unless thye just came out with one.  That means you will have to use an adapter for EF or EF-S lenses.

I like your idea of going 80D.  The 6D2 won't offer you much the 80D can't do and you don't have to buy all new lenses. However, going 80D might save you enough to buy a new lens! Lenses are where it at.

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Re: Would the EOS-R be a good camera for macro photography?

For real macro photography, I don't think you'd rely too much on auto-focus system and therefore the number of focus points is moot.  You need to be using manual focus to get a true 1:1 for macro lenses (e.g the 100mm f/2.8L macro).


By the way Canon touted the thousands of focus points for the EOS-R is rather dishonest or misleading at best.  You can't use a single point out of 5000 as a focus point - rather it's a big group of points.  With a caveat that I only spent a couple of hours playing with one and  I have to guess,  you might have like a hundred focus points in actuality.


The EOS-R will probably be a pretty good camera for macros since it has this feature called focus peaking for manual focus - it will tell you when a particular point is in focus.  This will be very helpful as you focus on a series of points for focus-stacking.


I think the two features of the EOS-R, face/eye tracking and focus peaking are enough for me to make the jump to the Canon mirrorless.  While you have to use an adaptor for using EF/EFS lenses - it felt like native - you won't even know it's through an adaptor.  I played with half a dozen EF lenses and they were all seemless.  The only reason I haven't got the EOS-R is because I'm partial to high megapixels - I own a 5DSR.  I'm waiting for one to replace the 5DSR.

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