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Transferring video from 5d on Mac

Suggestions on software for burning DVDs and importing Video from canon camera. I movie is what I have and it does not respond like it normally does with the new camera compared to my HD video camera.
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Re: Transferring video from 5d on Mac

Hi Captdanno!


Thank you for the post.


Canon does not make their own software for what you are trying to do.  While we are unable to recommend anything specific that will work best for you, most professional or even consumer level video editing applications can work with the video from the EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark III and burn video to a DVD.  Keep in mind too that the format of the video from this camera compared to a dedicated HD camcorder is different, so it may take more time and resources for your computer to process it into something suitable for a DVD.


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Re: Transferring video from 5d on Mac

What version of Mac OS do you have and what version of iMovie?


I don't have a 5D (classic) but I do have a 5D II and 5D III and have no trouble importing video from the camera into iMovie for editing.


Note that iMovie is not designed to burn to DVD -- for that, Apple used a utility called "iDVD".  iDVD didn't make movies... that's what iMovie does... iDVD allows you to take your media assets and design a menu layout so that you can burn these to DVDs designed to be played in order DVD players (not just computers.)


Apple discontinued iDVD (though it does still work if you happen to have an old copy of iLife that had it).  Apple considers DVDs to be "old" -- none of their new computers even come with media drives (you have to buy an external accessory if you still want it).  They ditched the media basically because nobody requires it anymore.  Even software that used to be distributed via physical media is all downloadable now.


Here's an article (about a month old so it's still current) in MacWorld on the topic:


The article references Roxio's "Toast" (about $100) and a free open-source utility called "Burn" will let you make a DVD.



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Re: Transferring video from 5d on Mac

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Thanks for the info, I need to look at Roxio as I have heard good things about Titanium although maybe I can share videos online instead. Got it to transfer but that created a few questions?
Transferred as a MP4 file?
Shot at 1920 ALLI 24 and found it was slow on playback unless I burned it at 720.

Also I should note I am using a brand new IMAC with up dated software.

So... What settings can you guys recommend to get the best resolution and playback capabilities?
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