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Some features not working



I have an EOS 70D which I bought new in 15'  and really haven't used very much. Now there are some featurs that aren't working which I need to use. One is that the Mirror lockup doesn't work. Also, can't erase any pic via the erase button.

I can erase but I have to go to the menu and scroll over to one of the icons and even then can only erase if I erase everything on the card.

There are so many features on this camera that I wonder if I turned someting off by mistake.

Any suggestions OR do I have to send it in for repair?


Thanks for replies

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Re: Some features not working

First do a factory reset.  Under the Tools menu tab, do a clear all settings.

If that doesn't restore the camera call Canon support 1 (800) 652-2666 for service.

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Re: Some features not working

Ebiggs: thanks for the reply

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Re: Some features not working

Make sure that you are in one of the "Creative zone" modes (P, Tv, Av, M). Many features are locked out in the other modes like green square. including custom functions.

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Re: Some features not working


Thanks for the reply. I almost use the M mode exclusively.

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Re: Some features not working

You might want to double check and see if


1. the switch is not on a lock position

2. You didn't inadvertently protect all images on the menu


The mirror lockup usage is often misunderstood.  After you enable the mirror lockup feature on the menu. Nothing will happen until you fully depress the shutter button, then the mirror will come up.  To take the picture, you must press the shutter button again.


I never use the mirror lockup.  In situations I need to avoid shock from the mirror, I'd use live view - the mirror by design is locked and I get to see what I will get via live view...that's a win win in my book.

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