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Record Video output

Hello All.


In searching, I found no relavent threads. I have a few older video tapes and would like to digitize them. The player will output to RCA. With that in mind, I'm wondering if its possible to capture to video output using my daughters new 5D MKIV. The goal is just to get the video off the tapes, as they are bound to fail eventually. If required, I dont mind purchasing a digital converter, etc. But I am at a loss as to how to make this happen. 

Any experienced advice would be appreciated.



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Re: Record Video output

Canon cameras cannot record external video. They are not camcorders!

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Re: Record Video output

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Can you use your family members 5D4 to capture video from another playback source (Camera) in this case, no.


How many of these tapes do you have?


A few, pay someone.


More, invest in a video capture solution.  Doesn't have to be expensive, but should give you the ability to transer and even edit some of the footage.


Edit*** KV beat me to it.  LoL

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Re: Record Video output

Don't think there will be any way to capture your older video directly to the 5D MKIV as I doubt that it has any provisions for analog input or the means to convert the analog input into a digital video file.


At the least you'll need an external analog to digital video converter. There's a large variety to choose from in a wide range of prices. The cheapest will likely not give you the best quality output but seems to be at least viewable. Spending a little bit more money may give you more flexibility to create a higher quality digital video, but don't expect it to look like something shot originally in 1080 HD. It will also help if you've got something more than a "bare bones" desktop computer to work with.


While you're at it, and if you've got a decent computer at your disposal, you might want to check if it already has a video card that has RCA style input jacks. If so it might just be a matter of installing the necessary software to do the A/D conversion.


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