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RP moisture and low temp

Hello everyone,,

I read that the RP is weather sealed but doesn't use gaskets to do so. Canon just used "precision" fit for the parts.

I was shooting in some very, very light drizzle for an hour and the next day my mode selector will only flip between a couple settings. Video mode is totally gone and unelectable.

I can live with this for now, but I'll be shooting stills in -10 F this weekend (for fun) and am wondering if it'll really ruin my camera.

Is it worth the risk? Any RP users have a good experience with low temps?

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Re: RP moisture and low temp

I believe you have been misled  The RP is not weather sealed.  No camera is fully waterproof, although some inexpensive point and shoot cameras actually are.  Gaskets make a camera body water and dust resistant.  The lack of gaskets means the camera needs to be protected from moisture.


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Re: RP moisture and low temp

The 1 series cameras with some of the L series lens are robust against pretty heavy rain but I still use the fitted Canon "raincoats" for my 1DX series cameras and L series primes and 70-200 F2.8 when shooting in the rain. 


With the consumer and "pro-sumer" level bodies you also need to be very careful when bringing a cold camera in to a warm environment because that is when moisture from the air will precipitate out onto cold camera surfaces and this is also the environment where moisture and contaminants (i.e. skin oil and salt) will be carried in from the outer body surface around the unsealed controls which is where the problem often starts.  A short exposure to contaminant free fresh water isn't that problematic for most electronic components and particularly at the low voltage levels found in a camera (excluding one with a built in flash) but add a little salt or other contaminants turning it into a conductive and/or corrosive substance and the mix is far from benign.



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Re: RP moisture and low temp

"I was shooting in ... light drizzle for an hour ..."


I think the key word here is "for an hour".  No camera, 1 series or not, is weather proof for long periods of time.  Certainly the consumer models are not in the "for an hour" class. It means "Oh, rats it's starting to rain. I need to get my camera in its bag." 


Try a warm heating pad for a long long time. A couple weeks!  Make sure all doors or openings on the camera are open.  No battery. No SD card. No lens.  Warm does not mean hot either!

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