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Re: R5 Battery Draining When Off (LP-E6NH battery)

Thanks. I really do think they can fix this in a firmware update.  Just add the option to turn off wifi/bluetooth when camera is turned off.  Until then, I think it would just be easier to pop the battery out & leave WIFI/bluetooth settings enabled so I can continue to use GPS when connected to the Canon Connect app.  

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Re: R5 Battery Draining When Off (LP-E6NH battery)

Battery removal, will, of course, stop unnecessary drain, but please remember that small computing devices, like digital cameras still need power.  Typically that is provided by an internal "super capacitor" for system state integrity as well as a backup current source to keep the real time clock data valid through a battery swap. 


Have absolutly no idea of how long the clock and preferential memory backup last on the R series cameras, but at some point the "back-up" capacitor charge will be depleted and all custom settings and current clock time will be lost.  On the "D" series cameras the clock and custom settings seem to be stable for a few months before they are lost. Hopefully, the "R" cameras are comparable.


Wondering how long it will be before Canon, Nikon or Sony add inductive charging to their cameras so one can just place a  camera on a charging disc each night and always have a fuly charged battery in the morning.  A high-frequency inductive charge Battery Grip could then replace the current "Mickey-Mouse" BG-R10 system that requires removal of the battery compartment door and removal of the internal battery.  Just dreaming!

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