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Question regarding shooting brackets with a 5d mk3

I'm an automotive cgi artist and recently I got the above camera to create 360° spheres for the CG car to sit inside.

From past experience its best to shoot the brightest parts of the sphere (the sun) with the lowest exposure possible. On the Canon, this would be 1/8000 shutter, 50 ISO and 22 fstop.

I went out today and set the camera to these settings before shooting 7 brackets at - 9ev to +9ev, with the bracket sequence of - 0 +. It wasn't until I got home and tried to assemble the sphere in Ptgui that I had been shooting 4 brackets at 1/8000.

Is there a way to set it so the camera uses what I set as the lowest EV and work its way up?


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Re: Question regarding shooting brackets with a 5d mk3

Seeing how the camera only has an exposure compensation range of -5 EV to +5 Ev, I do not see how you could have set up 18 stops of bracketing, -9 Ev to +9 Ev.  Great, if you are able to.


Maybe you can achieve the same end result by capturing the range in multiple bracketed ranges.




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Re: Question regarding shooting brackets with a 5d mk3

Hi there,

That's right, there is not a way to set up the camera to shoot an 18 stop bracket on its own, you would need to change the exposure manually to make these adjustments in ebtween each shot.


Depending on your lighting scenario, it may not be necessary to shoot at f/22 ISO 50 and 1/8000 unless the light meter in the camera indicates that is the exposure necessary to get detail in your highlights. If you are metering on your brightest spot and want it to be exposed as bright with detail, you would want that part of the image to measure about EV+2, but its worth doing a little experimentation to find what EV works best for you.

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