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Problems with RCC



I'm coming to these forums to get some clarification from you in case if it's possible or not which I'm bout to tell you.


I've had my EOS 7D Mark II for over a year now. Approximately a month after I bought it I received Err 80 on it and it went to service at RCC (Sweden) for a few weeks period. But since then I haven't been able to get any sharp images beyond 5 metres (15 feet). Everything between the lense's shortest range to 5 metres (15 feet) were supersharp but otherwise the contrary.


The focusing has felt a bit slow lately as well, despite all the settings I've had in it.

Followed several bird photographers settings from the internet and never got the camera to be fast and give me good results.

So I shipped the camera back to the store a while ago, where I bought it from, they made some tests.

It appeared that the camera couldn't handle some lenses at all, nor was it fast and the focus was way out of line. So we decided to ship it further to RCC again.


Then I received a price suggestion from them. $250 to get it fixed.

Both me and the store said no to pay the price and we both want it to be free of charge, given from Canon themselves because apparently my sensor is out of its solders on the chip, according to the technician. Even the manager sent me an email today stating that "you have thrown/bumped your camera on the floor and the sensor has taken damage of it", but there are no cosmetic nor physical damages on the camera body though.


Then I made some questions around photography groups on Facebook and asked people who actually have bumped, dropped or thrown their cameras on the floor/ground/rocks etc and what happened to them and if the sensor was ok.

A majority of people were stating, despite the cameras taken severe physical damage, the only part in their cameras is the sensor totally intact. No damages at all, no loosen ends, no loosen parts, sensor filter glasses had max a scratch (first glass, not the lower closer to the sensor).


Can someone please tell me if you have EVER damaged your camera's sensor so bad that it has loosen from its solders through a bump, drop or throw on the ground without getting any physical or cosmetic damages on the body itself?


Canon USA may also answer to this and tell me if RCC Scandinavia is lying to me and trying to get me pay for a factory default miss/damage.


I'm not going to give up this case until I have loads of resources against them.


This idiocy from them have caused me to lose interest on photography and making me regret for being a CPS member of Canon, when I am being accused for things that's not true!



Thanks in advance!


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Re: Problems with RCC

Have you really sent the camera to any of the service centres in the USA for inspection ?


They won't answer you to the specific problem without actually dealing with it. I guess.


Is it still under warranty ?


Sensor loosen from it's solder ? Did the RCC have a picture to prove it ?



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Re: Problems with RCC

Since I live in Scandinavia (Sweden) I send my camera to our RCC over here, not to USA.

Not worth paying the customs fees and more taxes despite repair services overseas.


No, the camera isn't under warranty anymore, but we have 3 years of RMA though.


Another no, they didn't have any pictures to proof their statement nor accusations. Not even evidence of the camera body taken any physical damage of their accusations of me throwing it on the ground. There's not even a scratch on that body.


I asked around in groups on Facebook and no one whose cameras have been bumped, dropped or thrown on the ground have had their sensors taken any damage. The closest that has ever occured to one customer was that the shutter mechanism broke, but after getting that fixed it worked just fine.


I'm starting to believe it's a factory miss and that can't be put on me.

I thought I got an out-of-the-box ready camera, but nope.

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