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Re: Poor Quality out of Focus on 80D

“ Both my 80D and 5D are set up that way and it makes the process of focusing and then composing two separate events. I use single point focus in the center and then make sure that the bride or if no bride, the most important person in the shot is the center of focus. ”

I use BBF only in a custom shooting mode now. As far as the scenario described above goes, I have changed my strategy to include spot metering. Instead of focus and recompose, it is now meter and recompose.

The camera spot meters with center AF point. But, it can focus with any AF point. I use AI Servo mode, set to use the center as starting point.

I point at the subject to lock metering and to lock AF tracking on the subject. As I recompose the AF points track, keeping the subject in focus. No more moving around AF points.

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