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Need help with new camera & lens :(

Hello everyone,,

I am a beauty content creator - I upgraded from my Canon 70d & recently I got the Canon 5d Mark IV + Canon 70-200 2.8 ll lens, though I'm having a lot of trouble..

I'm trying to take full face videos and pictures of myself, as well as macro eye shots at 200mm focus (see instagram for image examples his is how I want my work to look like) though I am having focusing issues.. I just want everything to be as sharp as possible.

I've tried searching high & low for answers and since I am no photography or cinematography expert, I don't know what to do since this is such a different experience.

Extra information: I use an external monitor hooked up with HDMI & a remote.

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Re: Need help with new camera & lens :(

What shooting, metering, and focusing modes are you using?  The 5D4 can function almost exactly like the 70D. If you still have the 70D, then use it to set up the shot.  You should then able to mimic the settings in the 5D4.


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Re: Need help with new camera & lens :(

I am going to guess that your depth of field has narrowed. I suggest keeping the lens at f/8 or so to keep everything in focus.

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Re: Need help with new camera & lens :(

"I am no photography or cinematography expert,..."


And therein lies your answer.  You need to hire a professional to do the shoot.  Or, you need to become a professional, either way that is your solution.

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