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Re: Making the case for a crop camera.

Good, sounds like you did your research.  I wasn’t trying to talk you out of anything, just some food for thought based on my initial observations.  It wasn’t a game changer for me, but I wish I was told something similar before purchasing just so I didn’t get my hopes up so much.  It’s still a nice feature to have and I’m curious where Canon will take it in the future.


I don’t know what you’re upgrading from, but I’m coming from a 450D that has served me rather well (and I will miss my trusty 10-22) over the past 6 years or so.  The 6D is a huge jump up in just about every way; I’m very excited for my next RE shoot to put it through the ringer.  Coming from something old and entry level like a 450D the ISO performance of the 6D is nothing short of incredible.  Hope you enjoy yours.

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Re: Making the case for a crop camera.

No worries. I didn't think you were trying to convince me of anything. I've enjoyed this discussion quite a lot.


I'm moving up from a 30D. I've been using the Tamron 10-24. I'm not going to be using the Canon 16-35. Smiley Very Happy It sounds like we have a very similar experience (at least on paper). I'd be interested to see some of your work. I've got some of mine up at I'm particularly excited to get this new gear because I won't be depressed about shooting anymore. So many problems with my current set up. Now with high quality gear, I won't hesitate to go out and shoot.
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