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Looking for a EOS Camera


I am looking to buy an EOS camera and am comparing the EOS 60D with the Rebel T3i and am wondering how much noticeable difference there is between the two cameras?  I can get the Rebel for around $500 and am leaning towards this unless there is a really good reason to buy the 60D.


Any input is appreciated.




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Re: Looking for a EOS Camera

Major differences that could be important down the road are fit in your hand, build quality & more importantly the extra control features the 60D has. It comes down to whether or not you intend to shoot in Auto or Program most of the time. If you intend to shoot in the old school ways of matching camera settings to the task at hand make sure the camera has Tv, Av & M modes available

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Re: Looking for a EOS Camera

I really recommend getting the T3i at this point because you probably are just starting out.  I don't mean that the 60D isn't a great starter camera, but when you are more advanced, want better features, better build quality, the Canon will have a better camera out like the 70D...meaning in the end, you'll be contributing more to your photography and saving money.


I have a T3i and I'm glad I didn't spend it on the 60D, because now I can get a 70D when it comes out, without hurting my budget much. The T3i and the 60D have the same image quality their wasn't too much reason to buy it now.


By the way...all Canon dSLR cameras have M, AV, TV, and P modes.

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Re: Looking for a EOS Camera

Thanks for your reply.

I keep hearing about the 70D - do you know when it is due out?


Thanks again!

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