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Re: It seems I lost my buffer has this happend to you?

@ebiggs1 wrote:

"I have taken it to the shop and they have sent it to Canon ..."


No big mystery. It broke.  It happens. That is why we have backup gear for such an emergency. When I was working full time I generally had four cameras with me. Now I only take two but they are both 1 series. and, not only bodies but backup lenses too.

I agree it's no big mystery.  I guess I am a bit in shock - in almost 37 years of using Canon camera gear this is the first time I have had to send in hardware for service.  I am glad I got A shot of my partner's award and I got some good shots of the Vice Chancellor and other recipients too, so the night was not lost. Smiley Wink


I guess one COULD say that in fact this is a testament to reliability of the gear.  Certainly, from my years in computers, I know that electronic components often fail in the early parts of their life.  I am glad it did so so early in its cycle, so at least it is a warranty issue.

cheers Trevor

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Re: It seems I lost my buffer has this happend to you?

" I am glad I got A shot of my partner's award ...."


Fantastic.  Smiley Happy  It will mean a lot, maybe more than ever.

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