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Re: Is there a 7D mark ii coming soon?

Canon wont confirm unreleased products.  Basically those who "know" aren't talking.  You can follow the website which attempts to report and rank the credibility of various rumors -- but none of that is ever official.  


When Canon wants to make it official, they'll make a press announcement and that will be the first time that the general public can "know" what they're going to do.


There have been numerous rumors of a replacement of a 60D (likely called a 70D) as well as a 7D II.  The rumors suspect the replacement for the 60D would be announced first and the replacement for the 7D may not be announced until end of year -- but possibily even next year.


However it should be noted that the "rumors" were projecting that 60D replacement would have happened by now and so far no such announcement has come from Canon -- which may be an indicator of the accuracy of the rumors.


With all that in mind... I personally wanted a full-frame camera about 3 years ago.  Another photographer told me there was a "rumor" that the 5D II would soon be replaced with a 5D III.  Every few months the "rumor" would get updated to suggest that the new "replacement" camera was going to be announced in just a few more months.  I waited... for TWO YEARS without buying the camera I wanted.


Finally I caved and bought a 5D II... giving up on the 5D III rumors.  Naturally Canon announced the 5D III within one quarter of me buying my 5D III <sigh>.  (anybody want to buy a "gently" used 5D II?)


The point of the story is... those rumors will drive you nuts.  If you don't actually need a new camera and can afford to wait it out... fine.  But if you need a new camera, just buy it -- don't wait.  If they really do release an newer camera and you really want it, sell your camera and buy the new model.  Sure you'll take a bit of a hit in resale value... consider that a "rental" fee.


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Re: Is there a 7D mark ii coming soon?

You could always pick one up used if you need a camera now. Then there's less of a hit financially when you sell it and upgrade to the new one, vs buying a new 7D at this point.
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Re: Is there a 7D mark ii coming soon?

Pretty much my exact seninemts. That is why I bought a gentley used 7d. Love it. Just does so much more better than my 60d. I knew it would be different but, wow, what treat it is to use. Very glad I did not wait. Happy shooting to all.
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