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How to set the EOS-M10 15-45 zoom to infinity focus?

I would appreciate help:


My Canon EOS-M10 with a 15-45 zoom lens is part of a fixed set-up for technical photography.

I need to use manual focus only, and to keep the camera focussed at infinity all the time.


Apparently there is no hard mark on the lens or a live LCD view that indicates the focus distance.


The "obvious" way, of directing the camera at a far object or landscape and setting the focus is impractical in this case.


How can it be done?


There is a rumor that switching the camera off and on resets the focus point to infinity. Does anyone know if this is true and reliable?




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Re: How to set the EOS-M10 15-45 zoom to infinity focus?

Maybe M10 does not fit your criteria of a "fixed set-up for technical photography". It is aimed at very beginner level for someone who likes this size compact camera.


It is capable of using ef or ef-s lenses so perhaps your lens choice isn't the best for you situation either.

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