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How much time for video on 60D?

Very new here, just bought first Canon 60D, to do short docs that I've done on DV and HD big cameras. Manual says 44 min for either 8GB card or 16GB card. Is it the same for 32GB card?

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Re: How much time for video on 60D?

Hi jaymack!


Thank you for posting!


The camera will record video files that are up to 4GB in size before needing to stop and start a new file.  Each 4GB clip of full HD video can be somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes long.  A 32GB card can probably hold around 80 - 96 minutes total.


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Re: How much time for video on 60D?

Incidentally... this is actually a limitation of the filesystem and not the camera.  The SD cards are formatted using a FAT32 filesystem (same FAT32 used in MS-DOS) because virtually every computer currently in use can read FAT32 without requiring anything special.  


FAT32, because of the way it works, can not allow any 'single' file to exceed 4 GB.  If you need something bigger, you have to break it into chunks that are all smaller than the limit.  This is true of everything that uses FAT32.


The good news is because they use this and it's an entrenched standard, everyone can read the data off the card without having to install any special drivers.  Simplicity is the advantage... but the 4GB chunk-size limit is the trade-off.



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