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Re: How do I save an image from Photoshop so I can transfer it back to the 70D?

I have one of these tiny little guys threaded onto my strap to keep memory cards in so I don't ever have to carry my backpack just to have a couple of 1-gram memory cards handy.


 I can't believe I have never until just now thought to put a tiny piece of paper in there with my name, phone number, etc., but I am going to do so.




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Re: How do I save an image from Photoshop so I can transfer it back to the 70D?

Hi TTMartin,


I tried this and it does not work.  You can refer to my original post for details.


Thank you.


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Re: How do I save an image from Photoshop so I can transfer it back to the 70D?

Hi AlKoch!


I don't usually step in on these kinds of posts, but I wanted to give my two cents. 


The one thing that I think that *could* be happening in your case is that our cameras simply won't recognize images that have been modified in any way, including cropping outside of the exact dimensions the camera takes or if the image has been rotated by any software including your computer operating system. Another user pointed out earlier that this happened to them when they cropped, but we see it happen all the time when people take their cards out and Windows (usually) rotates their portrait oriented photos to landscape and then they put the card back into the camera and they get an error message. 


While the camera is a tiny computer in a sense, it's not designed to recognize anything except the images it produces. If it sees something unexpected it just doesn't know how to react. Zoombrowser is trying to help reduce the error messages by preventing you from being able to transfer altered images back to the camera.


All of this to say - if you have an alternate device like a tablet, laptop, or a even a smartphone on which to showcase your edited photos, that's the route most people go these days. They all have bigger screens usually and photo viewers that won't have any problems with your edited work!


We hope this helps!

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Re: How do I save an image from Photoshop so I can transfer it back to the 70D?

"The camera dose not display the image on the SD card per say.  It makes a thumbnail and I don't know if it will do that if it didn't actually take the picture."


What you modify does not compare to the thumbnail the camera makes.  What I am not aware of is whether the camera re-constructs the thumbnail each time, I doubt it, or uses one it makes at the time the photo is taken.  Example, a RAW image can not be displayed unless a jpg thimbnail is created by the camera. No matter it is this thumbnail you are viewing on the camera LCD.  In this case, thumbnail means the camera's opinion of what the photo looks like.  It is another reason why "chimping" to see if you have the correct exposure, etc, is a no go idea.


The solution is simply, just print it and take a photo of what you want.  No fuss, no bother.  The the whys and wherefores are not even a consideration.

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