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Re: How do I get the shutter count for the 7d mark ii on windows 10

DireStudio's "ShutterCount" used to be availble for both Mac & Windows.  I know it is still offerred on Mac, but I don't see it offerred on Windows (or maybe it's just not showing me that version since I'm viewing their webpage on a Mac).


Anyway, they now also offer a version that runs on iPhone & iPad.   The software will give you the normal shutter count and they also have add-on packs that will also show you the number of videos *and* live-view activations.


It only costs a few dollars.  I bought it years ago and it's worked on each of my cameras (but they supply a list on their website of all the cameras they support).


Canon's official answer is that they'll tell you the count if you bring it to one of their service centers (or if you send it for service or cleaning you can ask them to also provide you with the shutter count).  They don't have any official method available to the consumer.  I agree that it would be nice to have the info easily displayable on the camera without the need to do anything special.  


If you are "selling" a camera, you can retrieve your shutter count and offer that info to perspective buyers.  But if you're "buying" a camera, you can't easily check to see how heavily the camera was used (it would be up to the seller to send the camera in).  


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Re: How do I get the shutter count for the 7d mark ii on windows 10

Thank you for that Tim. I have been made aware of the various methods to get the shutter count and I am a PC operator and never use Mac anything. I agree it would be great to have it available via a menu function as a lot of other manufacturers do, because to me and many others I consider it an important piece of information. Obviously Canon don't think it's needed so why do they bother to rate their shutter actuations? Got me puzzled. There is one solution, and that's to upgrade to another maker. Cheers.
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