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Hot shoe issue

Hello everyone,,New to the community and looking for help. Have a 70D that fell from my tripod with mic attached. The hot shoe mount pulled out all 4 screws. Read a bit online about using a blue or purple lock tite to reattach. No luck. 1screw hood fine - the others striped the plastic. No wires pulled out. Everything seems intacked and if I gently hold an external flash it works fine. Thoughts? I only use the hot shoe for mounting a mic..

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Re: Hot shoe issue

Hi Gabrialkhan,

It sounds like the impact stripped the threads for some of the screws. From what you described, it seems like you should be able to still use the camera, although you might have to hold the flash in place as you suggested.

If problems persist, I suggest that you email us at with details about your camera, your date of purchase, and the state from where you are sending the camera, and we'll walk you through the repair process.

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Re: Hot shoe issue

IIRC, the threads are in a plate *inside* the camera. There are no threads in the plastic.

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Re: Hot shoe issue

"No wires pulled out."


No indication they didn't get broken. They probably did. No, I mean they did.

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Re: Hot shoe issue

The Loctite products you used are designed to prevent fasteners from coming out due to vibration but won't do anything for the severely stripped threads you have in plastic.  If you are determined to affix the hot shoe yourself without going inside the camera, use a SMALL amount of 2 part epoxy applied to each screw and put them firmly into place which should give them enough grip to hold the hot shoe in place for a mic. 


You might be able to go one size up from the existing screws (look at both metric and SAE sizes to find the best fit) because depending upon how much damage there was to the internal plate a slightly larger screw may fit.  But if the screws cracked or took large chunks out of a plastic or composite plate that won't work.


The proper repair is to replace the internal plate assuming in the 70D it is a replaceable part and the entire internal chassis isn't one formed part.   


Be careful with any do it yourself repairs because it can result in turning what is currently an almost fully functional camera into a paperweight.  I am comfortable working on complex electronics and have the tools to do so including mechanical repairs but something like this isn't a good first project.



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