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Re: Help :) I Need 2 foot x 4 foot photo, I have EOS 80D

Thank you so much, all of you, sincerely, I am going to give this a shot.
This is going to be for a back-lit design in my new kitchen. There’s a post with two sides I need to do something with and after much research and going back and forth with different companies who say then can do it then say they can’t, I just figured let me take my own photos and go with the one company who can help me; it’s nothing fancy, it’s window film. Much cheaper than back lit stone, and for the price it’s worth a shot. We went to Thunder Bay, Ontario last week and went amethyst mining. There were awesome specimens way too big to take home so I took photos instead and figured I could maybe use them for the back-lit art piece. I don’t think I can stack them; but I was able to bring a bunch home and if what I have doesn’t work then I’ll try using the pieces I have
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Re: Help :) I Need 2 foot x 4 foot photo, I have EOS 80D

@ebiggs1 wrote:

 ...DPI is a printing term.  DPI, or dots per inch, and PPI, or pixels per inch, both tell us the resolution of an image. However, they're not the same thing.  DPI, the printing term refers to the number of physical dots of ink in a printed document.


So many people say “DPI” when they really mean “PPI” constantly, all the time anymore. To make things even worse Apple, Microsoft and Adobe are all guilty of this improper usage. The important thing to know is when someone says DPI, they really mean DPI and not PPI. If you zoom way in on your monitor you will eventually see PPI.  Yo can not see DPI until it is printed.


The PPI of your monitor and camera is fixed.  They can't be changed.


Well I spent more than a little time trying to make sure I was using the correct terminology in my response. At least I knew I didn't want to use "LPI". Smiley Frustrated


I decided to use PPI in my reply since my intention was to indicate that making a good quality print requires a certain number of pixels per inch (PPI) of the width and height of the print.

The way I look at it, a camera doesn't have PPI at all. It only creates a file of certain pixel dimensions of no specific size in inches. I guess I may need to still spend some more time wrapping my brain around resolution, pixel dimensions, DPI and the like. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Help :) I Need 2 foot x 4 foot photo, I have EOS 80D

Ok, most people don’t understand the difference. PPI is a fixed spec. It can’t be changed. DPI can be.
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