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Re: Having trouble with autofocus on 7D mark II

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First try cleaning the electronic contacts on the lens.


1. Remove the lens...


2. Slightly dampen a clean, lint free rag with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol (cheap, widely availabe "rubbing alcohol" works fine)....


3. Carefully wipe the electronic contacts on the base of the lens, adjacent to the rear element and the bayonet mount. Be careful to not touch the optical elements of the lens with the cleaning rag.


This will clean off any oils that might have gotten onto those contacts, interrupting the low voltage signals between camera and lens. The "oils" might be from your fingers handling the lens, or from lubrication within the camera or the lens.


Do not use anything abrassive on those electronic contacts or the corresponding pins just inside the front of the camera. They are gold plated and you don't want to damage that (gold doesn't oxidize, so is ideal for low voltage connections such as these... if it's scratched and the base metal is revealed, oxidization can occur on that).


Some may tell you to instead use a pencil eraser to clean those contacts. Personally I don't think that's a good idea for a couple reasons. One, as I've noted often the problem is oils on the contacts... and pencil erasers are made from vegetable oil, so they're unlikely to help. Second, pencil erasers shed small particles that you don't want getting inside the camera.


4. While the lens is off the camera, also closely inspect the corresponding "pins" located just inside the front of the camera. Those are spring loaded to insure good contact. Carefully and gently press each pin to see if it's "springy", returns to it's full extension and isn't "stuck".


5. Remount the lens. Be sure it's fully rotated into it's locked position. (Yes, I have seen folks have similar problems and it was as simple as this!).


6. Now operate the MF/AF switch on the lens a dozen or so times. This type of switch is usually self-cleaning... and operating it will wipe off any oxidization that might have formed on the metal parts and be interrupting low voltages powering the lens. Reset that switch to the AF position and give it another try.


The only other things I can think of that you might try yourself are...


Go into the camera'ss menu and look up the battery detail info. It tells you the "health" of the battery. If it's showing that's low, might be a good idea to try a new battery.


Inspect the contacts on the battery and corresponding to it inside the camera. If you think it might help, clean both sets of contacts with the rag and isopropyl alcohol, as described above.


Finally, you might want to update the camera's firmware or, if it's already up to date, re-install it. Like any computer operating systems, camera firmware can become corrupted and cause problems. An update or a clean, new copy of the firmware can be downloaded from the Canon websites. Follow the instructions there carefully. It's not difficult to do, but if done wrong it can "brick" a camera... which will require professional repair.


Frankly, these are all more or less "long shots" that  may or may not help... But sometimes it's a simple fix AND these are about all that's advisable for you try yourself.


If all this doesn't solve the problem, I suspect that there's something more serious wrong with the lens... not the camera. If you have another auto focus lens you can try on the camera and that works properly, it would confirm the problem is with the 24-70mm lens (which was introduced in 2002 and could be as much as 12 years older than the camera).


In the lens it may be a failed auto focus motor. Or, many lenses use a "flex cable" between the electronic contacts and the various internal mechanisms of the lens. Over time and with age, those flex cables can fail, losing connectivity. Either of these problems or some other possibile causes within a lens would require professional repair. I don't know if Canon services the EF 24-70mm first version (it was discontinued around 6 or 7 years ago). If not, a local, independent camera repair shop might be able to fix it.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Having trouble with autofocus on 7D mark II

Thank you . 

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Re: Having trouble with autofocus on 7D mark II

@cyyuen2000 wrote:



LCD screen display "FOO"


I can't not "AUTOFOCUS" and it display as "MF", the lens still in auto mode. Why?



What the FOO is showing you is that the aperture is F 0.0, in other words it is not getting the aperture information from the lens, as it also refuses to autofocus then it suggests that the lens is faulty.


When this happens sometimes and not others usually it means that a flexible cable within the lens is cracked, hence sometimes it makes contact and sometimes it doesn't. Often it will make or break as you zoom the lens to certain positions.

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Re: Having trouble with autofocus on 7D mark II

Thanks for your input.
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Re: Having trouble with autofocus on 7D mark II

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Hello cyyuen2000, 

We are soirry to hear that this issue persists.  You may wish to try a new battery to see if the issue persists.  If so, we recommend sending the unit into Canon directly for further assistance with this issue.  

You may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.

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Re: Having trouble with autofocus on 7D mark II

I think it might be the old battery issue.

For the monitoring purpose... I only use the new Canon battery (which I purchased last year).


Let see how it go...I use 24-70mm F/2.8L (i) on 7D-Mii most of the time.


Thank you for your reply. I like Canon services and product. 






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