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HDR with Canon 5D Mark IV

Just received a new Canon 5D Mk IV and am about half way through the manual.


I am a bit confused about using this camera to create HDR photos?


Please correct me if I am wrong!


From what I gather, there are at lease (2) methods of creating HDRs:

(1) Using the 5D IV's built-in HDR function

(2) Using AEB to create a series of individual exposures and merge them in a dedicated HDR program (like Aurora)


Assuming my understanding is correct, from what I am reading, the in-camera HDR only works with JPEGs (not RAW) while going the AEB route could create a series of larger RAW images to merge in say Aurora.


Is that correct?

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Re: HDR with Canon 5D Mark IV

You can still shoot raw but the final HDR image wil be Jpeg. You may choose to save the source + HDR images or just the HDR image.


Quoted from the Canon website :

"If the image-recording quality is set to RAW, the HDR image will be recorded in quality. If the image-recording quality is set to RAW+JPEG, the HDR image will be recorded in the JPEG quality set. "

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Re: HDR with Canon 5D Mark IV

Thanks for the reply!


Your quote was the same one I read in the manual last night that triggered my post.


So, my guess is, if I DO want to build my own HDR composites in a program like Aurora HDR, then my best bet would be to ignore the in-camera HDR feature and just shoot a series in RAW using AEB set to 3, 5, or 7 exposures?



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Re: HDR with Canon 5D Mark IV

Hello Choreo, 


Yes, if you wanted to do your own HDR composites, then shooting AEB with 5 or 7 shots selected so you can combine the different exposure ranges. 

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Re: HDR with Canon 5D Mark IV

Your HDR menu in the camera allows you to save your three original photos as well as the composite HDR photo.  The three originals are saved in RAW format if that is your basic setting.  Only the composite HDR photo is a JPEG.  This gives you the best of both worlds.  You can process the three originals in an HDR app if you wish to have more control over the final result, or process the JPEG if it does the job.  An advantage of using the in-camera HDR function rather than bracketing is that with the former you can use mirror lock-up for all three exposures.  This produces less vibrations and (I think) takes less time.  The disadvantage if that you are limited to three exposures.

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