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Geo location

Hi, sorry for what may be a old subject.


first, I’m new to DSLRs, having just been gifted a EOS 6d Mark II camera.


Id like to understand if the camera, and it’s wifi connection combination to a IOS smartphone allows the photos to be transferred to the smartphone with its longitude/latitude coordinates AND the more human understandable address or approx location eg using a smartphone to take a photo in the city of Basel, Switzerland, I’d like the camera or the image from the camera to achieve the same Basel it possible?


thanks in advance


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Re: Geo location

I do not think this is possible. It might, I have doubts.

The GPS data is collected and stored in a separate file in the camera. With a computer, the EOS Utility transfers the image files to a computer.

To transfer GPS data, you must enable both creating GPS logs and transferring logs during downloads. It seems that this is when the EOS Utility must write the log data to EXIF during transfers.

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Re: Geo location

The GPS coordinates are stored in the metadata file for the image. Certain software, such as Lightroom, has the ability to read that info and show it on a map. No special steps are required for that.


2018-12-18 (1).png


2018-12-18 (2).png


Canon provides a software product - Map Utility - which will show you the location on a map.


2018-12-18 (3).png


When you transfer your files to the iPhone I believe they will show up based on location in the Photos app. I transfer images to my iPad using the USB3 Camera Connection adapter; they go directly in Photos. I don't know if the Canon app does that directly. If not you should be able to copy to the iOS Photos app.

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Re: Geo location

The meta-data in the image files is based on adhering to an industry standard called "EXIF".  This standard requires data to be in latitutde/longitude format.  EXIF isn't a "Canon" standard... it's a camera industry standard that all manufacturers use.


Any translation to city names is handled by software that imports the file, looks up the geo-coordinates, and determines what "city" is nearby.  But this is such a popular idea that loads of software applications do this for you.  (no need to modify the camera).  This is much easier to do on a computer.  



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