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General software

Perhaps I am being a little slow but is there a general software package that I could load and see if my Firmware or other stuff is up to date on my 70D? I cannot find such a package in the material that came with the camera.

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Re: General software

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You can check it with the menu system in the camera.  Open the menu and go to screen four under the wrench (yellow) menu and firmware version can be displayed there.  The Canon support website will show the current firmware available along with what has been changed in recent updates. It looks like the current firmware version is 11.2 and was last updated in September of 2016.


You can also connect your camera to the computer and the EOS utility 3 software which came with your camera has a selection for updating firmware.  Choose camera settings from the main screen of the utility and then firmware update from the top of the page that shows up under settings.  The first screen of firmware update will display your current firmware version and you can then hit cancel instead of going further into the firmware update process.


If you do need to do an update be sure and heed the warning to use a fully charged battery before you start the update because you don't want to have a power failure in the middle of a firmware update.  Using a fully charged battery is much safer than using an AC adapter because a power "glitch" could turn your camera into a temporary brick requiring the intervention of Canon service.

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Re: General software

Once a camera gets a few years on it, firmware updates are few and far between.  Most likely the 70D (2013) is done.

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