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Re: Full frame 6d vs cropped 70d

@rswannabe wrote:
Hi mazer,

Thank you for the reply. That's actually very helpful. What is your opinion on the 6d's focusing system? That's the only thing that's holding me back. I saw a review that called it prehistoric. As I said, I don't do much vid or sports, but if the occasion came up is like to be able to handle it. Thanks again.

The AF performance of the 6D isn't near as bad as the online reputation suggests.  In fact, a good many of the griping about the 6D started before the camera was even released.  It's a simplistic system compared to what's available these days, and that sticks out on a camera of this calibre.  But it's been blown out of proportion.


I haven't had much issue with the AF.  But, like mazer, I don't shoot a lot of action.  I've done a bit here and there and it did ok.  The only time it really let me down was at the Tour de France.  But I was right on the fence and the cyclist were moving 30 mph a few feet from my lens.  I wasn't surprised by the keeper rate I got. 


I love the 6D for my primary shooting types: portraiture, architectural, RE, macro, travel, etc.

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Re: Full frame 6d vs cropped 70d

Thanks. Yeah, I'm mostly interested in portraits and some landscapes. Plus, I like the full frame idea. I think the 6d is the one! Thanks again!
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Re: Full frame 6d vs cropped 70d

Thanks Alan Myers,


You have broken down to the simplest form for me and deciding whether to go FF or stay with my 70d. Most of my portraits are 11x16 and smaller which after post production my clients are extremely happy. Until I cross that bridge of larger prints and the budget for a FF camera I'm happy with my crop sensor camera.


Thank you


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