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First FF body - Used 6d mk1 or 5d mk3?

I'm looking to purchase my first FF body and i thought i should look for a used one for budget reasons. I've found two for sale, but i'm not really sure which to pick. The first one is a 5D mk3 with about 100k actuations at about 1160 dollars. The guy who sells it have great recommendations, is a freelance photographer and the camera seems to be in great condition. The only problem is that i live about 2 hours away from this guy, so i need to trust him to not scam me. The second one is a 6D mk1 with about 30k actuations for 870 dollars sold by a photo store with a 3 months warranty. The body seems to be in good condition with a few scratches.

I'm really leaning towards the 5D mk3, but i would like your opinion on what to do. The shortcomings of the 6D don't scare me that much as i have 7D in great condition to fill the gap.

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Re: First FF body - Used 6d mk1 or 5d mk3?

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Buy from Adorama or B&H , they are worthtrust stores, you can call their used department staff .

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Re: First FF body - Used 6d mk1 or 5d mk3?

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Both the 6D Mk I and 5D Mk III are great cameras with similar image quality.  You really can't go wrong either way. The 6D is similar to a 60D, 70D, etc while the 5D3 is more similar to a 7D.   


Since you already have a 7D, you should probably go with the 5D3 as it will feel more familiar. 

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Re: First FF body - Used 6d mk1 or 5d mk3?

Easy, get the 5D Mk III. Much better camera if you only consider build.

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