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Re: Faulty Canon 5d mark iii

Canon makes a Speedlite 430EX II -- is that the flash?  If so, the flash would be fully E-TTL II compatible (it wont have any problems understanding the communication.)  I was more wondering if this was a third party that claimed E-TTL compatibility, but didn't do a good job with the implementation.


As for the verticle lines, it might help to see a sample image with them -- especially when you indicate that you get them even if you do not use the flash.


Also, what image type are you saving... are these RAW, mRAW, sRAW, or JPEG (size & compression level)?


Does changing the image mode change the lines?


Do you format your memory cards?  If so, do you do this in camera or on the computer?  (Note:  Always format in-camera (never on the computer) and make sure you check the option box to do a "low level" format the first time you format it (you don't need to do "low level" every time, but you should do it at least once with each new card.))


Do you see the lines only on the rear LCD display of the camera, on your computer after import, or both?  (e.g. if the LCD has a couple of failed columns you might see it on the LCD -- even if the sensor is fine and the images are fine once they are imported onto the computer.  That would indicate a need to service/replace the LCD, but not the whole camera.)


If the lines are only visible on the computer (but not on camera display) then what software are you using to import and view the images (Canon software, Adobe software, or something else?)



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Re: Faulty Canon 5d mark iii

Thanks for the advice. It's the 430ex flash Canon. The camera is back again with the Internet dealer I bought it off. I do t have any faith in them fixing it!
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Re: Faulty Canon 5d mark iii

You are not sending it to Canon Service?  Why would you not?  You should.  Is this a grey market version?

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