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Re: EOS Utility for the iPad?

I would love to get my 5d3 and 7d1 connected to my third gen iPad / iphone 4s for EOS Utility but have to use mac to date.  would love to see example of eye-fi permitting remote to work like this for non-6d.


I have a pair opf 600EX-RTs - does anyone think that I would be able to get connection to EOS remote app c/o a 600ex-rt?!

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Re: EOS Utility for the iPad?

Almost sure that the answer to using the Speedlite 600EX-RT radio system to connect to the ipad for EOS utility connection will be no, but i've been surprised with the level of innovation and persistence some folks have before 

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Re: EOS Utility for the iPad?

Still 2014 there is no EOS utility on i-pad. I am not asking even for wireless, i would already be happy wired. For my 5Dmii (which is my personal high-end) i would like to have this for different reasons amongst which the possibility to have life view on my ipad while low by the ground with the mp-e 65mm lens. Will Canon please, please consider a port to the ipad from this utility?
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Re: EOS Utility for the iPad?

I agree! I want an iPad app for the Canon Utility
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Re: EOS Utility for the iPad?

I use the EOS remote app for Ipad and it's really basic and limited in function. Like they just throw it out to market the 6D/70D. So your wish for the Utility is really far fetch. But good luck with it.
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Re: EOS Utility for the iPad?

It's 2019 now and I still don't see an app for tethering an iPad.  I've got Utility 3 on a macBook, but that's a hassle--using a touchpad to drag around to find a button.


And I've got Connect on my phone which is just a hassle.  Connecting!  Standing there trying to get a connection, typing passwords, looking up menus inside of menus inside of menus......all while a client is standing there wondering why I don't know how to do this....

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