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Re: EOS R5 - does not connect to - always giving Err127

I talked with Canon support. They are aware of an issue with mesh routers (my Linksys AX6000 is a mesh router) but they don’t seem to have a grasp on what the issue is. Following testing with different routers, I don’t believe it’s a WiFi issue at all, but rather how Canon handles the file transfers between the camera and their cloud service. The camera connects to WiFi and is able to initiate an email where the user authenticates the camera to the Canon cloud. So, WiFi is working! — I believe the method Canon uses to transfer files to their cloud is being blocked by some routers as suspicious activity. Canon needs to look into the issue from that perspective.
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SOLUTION: EOS R5 - does not connect to - always giving Err127

I have experienced the exact issue described in this thread. My R5 throws an Err 127 when trying to connect to through my local wifi network. The R5 does successfully connect to through my iPhone's wifi hotspot—even though the iPhone is connected to the exact same local wifi network.


The solution for me (or workaround, depending on how you look at it) is to connect the R5 to my router's guest network. I can't explain why this works but connecting this way has completely resolved the problem. Hopefully, it does the same for everyone else experiencing this issue.


One thing to be aware of when using your wifi guest network is that you will not be able to connect your R5 to computers on your local network. Should you wish to use EOS Utility to control the camera or wirelessly transfer files across your local network (which is much faster than going through, you will have to switch the R5 back to your normal [non-guest] wifi login.

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