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EOS R (Help Please)

I bought the EOS-R to film in 4k to an external Atomos Recorder. I do not want to shoot in Canon LOG. Does this mean that if I do not enable Canon LOG 10 BIT that I am shooting in 4k 8bit 4.2.2? I wanted the R for the 10 bit color but I do not want to shoot it in LOG. I was hoping to shoot it in standard picture profiles. Please let me know!! Your reply will make my decision on either keeping it or sending it back.

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Re: EOS R (Help Please)

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Re: EOS R (Help Please)

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I cannot say 100% for sure and can only go off of what I've read in the user manual.  But it does appear that 10 bit 4:2:2 is only available if Canon Log is enabled.


What I find a bummer about the user manuals (to include the supplimental guide) is they aren't explicit enough about the chroma subsampling.  e.g. there are three settings of Canon Log.  On (8-bit), On (10-bit) which are both documented.  But then Off.  And therein lies I believe the issue you are facing. Just what is the subsampling set to when Canon Log is off.


Having said all that, most vendors that are vague about such specs, tend to only be 8-bit 4:2:2 at the most.   So that's my guess of what you'll get when Canon Log is off.


Finally, just curious if you absolutely need 10-bit.  Do you need to deliver broadcast spec footage?  I imagine you want to avoid Log so as to reduce post work.  But see if you can search around for folks using log with this DSLR and see if they may have a very simple post workflow (e.g. just dropping in a LUT).


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