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EOS R, EF-S Lens Crop Loss of Megapixels

I currently using a t2i Canon 18 mp crop sensor camera, According to Canon, when EF-S lenses are used on the EOS R camera the camera "will automatically produce cropped 11.6-megapixel images that match the smaller image circle of EF-S optics." So a 30mp camera effectively is now 11.6mp, much less than what I have with my current set up. I am looking to move to full frame so the EOS R seemed to be the way to go until I hit this stumbling block. I can't afford to buy both the camera and new lenses at the same time but plan to upgrade lenses slowly as budget permits. Is this something I should be concerned about or will having a better sensor and newer technologies make up for the loss in megapixels?

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Re: EOS R, EF-S Lens Crop Loss of Megapixels

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Everyone will have to cross this bridge sooner or later - when switching to full frame you have to abandon the EF-S lenses.  At least the EOS-R gives you a choice (less optimum, granted).


If budget is tight, I'd suggest getting a EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens for starter.  This $125 gem is a real bargain with quality way surpasses its modest price.  This FL - 50mm - is quite well suited for a full frame camera.

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